When it comes to determining the best type of windows to use in your home, there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind. How well does each perform? How much maintenance is necessary to keep them functioning correctly, which style is going to best complement the rest of my home? Often, the cost, durability, and efficiency of the windows also have a large impact on a homeowner’s decision. So, what are the different types of windows and how do you pick the right product for your home? Learn more about the different types of windows available below. 

types of windowsWood/Clad Windows

Wood/clad windows are made entirely of wood with a vinyl or aluminum-clad (skin) on the exterior. This cladding (skin) keeps the outside environment from deteriorating the exterior face of the windows. They are available in all sorts of wood species from Pine, Alder, Walnut, and others. Wood Windows are most commonly used in older homes as they provide a more traditional or vintage look. These types of windows have been used in homes for centuries and are considered to be highly durable and long-lasting with the proper care and maintenance. Wood Windows generally require to be painted and or stained on the interior, these can be factory painted and or stained or stained on-site with the finish of your choosing.

Generally, wood window frames provide a unique look to your home that appeals to many homeowners. Wood frames are also extremely strong and resistant to damage, allowing them to last longer than other frame types. However, wooden window frames may cost a pretty penny. 

nvision Glass proudly provides wood-clad windows from Andersen Windows and Windsor Windows

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are made from a material called PVC (polyvinyl chloride) the same material used to make pipes and fittings in plumbing. These are among the most common window types for modern homes as they are constructed from an extremely versatile material. The ability to customize vinyl windows to fit any aesthetic also makes them highly desirable to homeowners. 

Vinyl windows are constructed by forcing the PVC material so that it is straight, and is then formed into the shape of a window frame. The polymer found in PVC holds properties that make this material a good insulator which is necessary for proper energy efficiency. The exceptional insulation properties, high moisture resistance, and customization make this a popular window framing option.      

nvision Glass has partnered with multiple vinyl window manufacturers to deliver the highest quality vinyl window frames available.

Composite Windows

Composite windows are some of the newest on the market. They share many of the attributes of vinyl windows but are much stronger. They are made using a combination of wood products such as particleboard, wood fiber, and strand lumber. The finished product is then covered for strength using either vinyl or aluminum material. This not only stabilizes the frame but also protects the wood pieces from damage caused by moisture. 

These windows are also extremely easy to maintain and long-lasting. The stability of these windows is similar to aluminum frames and they provide better resistance to moisture and decay. Due to their effectiveness and quality, these types of windows are generally cost more than vinyl windows. 

nvision Glass provides Andersen Windows 100 series composite windows

Aluminum Window FramesCommercial Glass Curtain Wall

Aluminum window frames are becoming more popular to use in modern homes due to their sleek appearance. These frames are well-known for their durability and tend to last longer than the average wood or composite frame. The cost of aluminum frames can run a bit high, but the longevity and reliability of the aluminum make it a safe option for any home. 

Aluminum Windows have come a long way in recent years. In the past, these windows were bad with heat and cold transfer, but new aluminum windows are now more energy efficient with the advent of the thermal break. A thermal break is a low heat and cold conducting material that is sandwiched between the interior and exterior of the window when it is being made. This cuts down on the amount of heat and cold transfer from the exterior to the interior. These frames are also very low-maintenance and resilient.  

nvision Glass proudly provides aluminum windows from Western Window Systems, which offers two lines of window systems. 

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