Custom Residential Curtain Wall Glass and Glass Partition Walls

Many rely on our Las Vegas and Reno glass company to provide excellent quality products and service when it comes to custom residential curtain wall glass. We specialize in large custom windows, custom residential curtain wall glass installations and glass wall partitions. These functional custom glass structures afford you versatility (especially in the summer months), allowing you to open your living space to an outdoor patio or seating area. These structures effectively eliminate a wall and replace it with an all glass surface.

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    Sliding Glass Partition Walls

    These glass partition walls mount on a sliding system, allowing for an entire wall to nearly disappear. In the warmer months these doors may be slid into recesses in your wall, allowing for a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

    Folding Glass Partition Walls

    Like the sliding glass partition walls, folding glass partition walls are mounted on a track, but these fold and stack against one-another like a deck of cards. These custom residential glazing solutions are yet another versatile option that adds functionality and style to your home.

    Our products page offers more information regarding our glass partition wall manufacturers and the various styles each has to offer.

    If you’re seeking a modern look for any residential projects including stairways, enclosures, railings and more, then nvision Glass has you covered.

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    Residential Curtain Wall Glass

    As with commercial glass installations, a residential glass curtain wall is typically an aluminum-framed wall that contains in-fills of glass, metal panels, or even thin stone. With this type of construction method, the wall’s framing attaches to the building structure, but does not carry the floor or roof loads of your home – making it a non-structural component. This system deflects wind and other forms of energy to load bearing components of your home.

    The advantage of a glass curtain wall system for your home is that it can provide a virtually unobstructed view. Because the structure is not load bearing, it allows for the use of large panes of glass. This building technique is now synonymous with modern architecture, making it one of the best ways to modernize the look of your home.

    nvision Glass Products & Service

    We offer award winning custom residential and commercial glass products and custom windows. As part of our commitment to service, we are the only commercial glazing in Northern Nevada with a local InstallationMasters™ certification. This means that as certified installers, we offer the best installation warranty in the industry: 5 years – no questions. We service what we sell and handle all product warranty issues in-house.

    How We Work

    Not only do we work closely with you and any contractors or project managers, but we also work closely with our glass suppliers. In the end, we turn your concept to reality. Budget is always a consideration and it is our goal to within your comfort zone, while offering specific advice for the best way to implement your ideas.

    After we work with you to establish your plan for your custom windows, we begin making measurements and contacting our suppliers. Once the products are cut to size we confirm their fitment and work to ensure a seamless installation of your residential curtain wall or glass wall partitions.

    Once installation is complete, our Las Vegas and Reno glass specialists will walk you through your home and ensure your satisfaction.


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    What do you nvision in your dream home? Our experienced team makes your dreams reality, using  high quality products with a seamless installation process.

    nvision Glass takes your inspiration and makes it reality. When you partner with nvision Glass, we walk you through the design, engineering and installation process. Our best in class Las Vegas and Reno glass professionals ensure your satisfaction.