Having a combined shower-bath is a great space-saver in your bathroom. When it comes to shower curtains or shower glass doors, many people ask the team at nvision Glass about what’s the best way to enclose it. 

All About Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are very easy to switch out and replace when you’re ready to change the style of your bathroom. It’s also more beneficial when it comes to privacy, and a shower rod and curtain combined are less likely to damage the bathroom walls. 

Shower curtains do a decent job of keeping water contained, but only if you remember to close them and correctly place the liner. However, be sure to thoroughly clean and maintain your shower curtains to prevent mold and mildew growth.

A bathroom with purple flowered shower curtains.

All About Glass Shower Doors

Glass doors won’t let any water escape, and let you utilize tricky spaces with custom shower panels. A fixed panel of frameless glass looks amazing in any style of bathroom. It keeps the decor simple because of its no-frills design. It does require a lot more cleaning and upkeep to prevent unsightly streaks, so be sure to keep that in mind. 

Rather than worrying about taking down them to wash and then leave to dry, you can simply wipe the shower glass doors clean and reduce the burden of constantly maintaining your bathroom. Another potential issue with shower glass doors is that they are susceptible to hard water buildup. With plenty of cleaning agents, it’s not a difficult task to tackle. After seeing how glass shower doors exude luxury, it will be worth it! 

A bathtub and glass shower in a bright and airy space.

If you’ve got a beautifully tiled shower, then don’t bother hiding it behind a shower curtain! There’s several glass design options, like frosted doors with rain glass, textured glass, or even etched glass. As doors are made from tempered glass, it’s very hard to break. Keep in mind that some can filter out a lot of light and darken the enclosure. 

Shower Glass Doors Near Me: A Question We Have the Answer To

All in all, the choice between shower curtains or shower glass doors depends on your bathroom’s layout, how many people use it, and if you’re planning to update and sell your home in the near future. This choice depends on your bathroom, the people using it, and if you want to keep your home the most updated to sell in the next few years.

A marble bathtub and glass shower doors in a bright and airy white bathroom.

Wondering if it’s time for you to upgrade your glass doors? The team at nvision Glass knows that the spring season is the perfect time to do so. Click here to learn more about our shower glass doors and how easy it is for us to replace a shower curtain with a shower glass door in your bathroom today. 

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