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Over the years, the style and layout of bathrooms have changed quite a bit. Modern bathrooms now incorporate flow, fluidity, and openness. Since bathroom designs are now more open, elements like sprawling vanities, bath fixtures, and stylish tiles are brought together in a fresh and modern way. Similarly, using frameless shower glass doors in place of traditional doors and curtains provides for a better appearance. The sleek, simple, and modern look of frameless shower glass doors give a bathroom a higher-scale appearance.

The Shower Curtain Look

For years, showers have typically been designed in one of two ways. First, you have the infamous porcelain tub and shower curtain. Almost everyone knows the feeling of stepping over into the tub and sliding the shower curtain closed. Of course, you’re always sure to pull the curtain tight so that water doesn’t leak out of the side. If you have a fan in your bathroom you may have also experienced the bottom of the curtain blowing out away from the tub as a result of the air circulation. Not to mention the pain of 1.) having to pick out a shower curtain and liner, and 2.) having to replace that curtain and liner when it gets moldy and discolored.

Aside from these practical pains, this traditional curtain and tub make a bathroom feel closed off.  These days, homeowners strive for a less antiquated and more fashionable look. Who wants to deal with shopping for a shower curtain and replacing those rusted shower curtain hooks/rings? You deserve to give yourself that five-star hotel bathroom look and feel!

The Thick Frame Look

The second way that showers have traditionally been designed is with glass doors that are accompanied by a thick metal frame around the edge. While most would agree that this is better than the tub and curtain look, it still doesn’t achieve the sleek and simple look of frameless shower glass doors. The thick metal around the glass can occasionally come loose and is difficult to repair. We all know that sound of closing the glass door and locking it into the frame…and it’s not a comforting one. When you close your glass shower door, we think it should be silent. It should also feel sturdy and secure. No one should have to deal with annoying screws designed to attach the frame itself to the wall. And of course, we all know that wherever there’s metal, there’s rust following close behind. Get rid of the harsh metal frame and replace it with smooth glass that has a seamless look and feel.

Benefits of Frameless Shower Glass Doors

  • Durability and toughness

    Despite their elegant look, these frameless shower glass doors are quite tough. The thickness of the material used ranges up to half an inch, thus making them structurally sound, sturdy, and absolutely safe. In addition, these doors come with a watertight seal and do not require any metal in their construction. The watertight seal prevents leaks and the lack of metal eliminates the risk of corrosion.

  • Enhances the appearance of your bathroom

    Homeowners are now aiming to convert their bathrooms into a place for relaxation by including amenities and features of a high-end spa. Frameless shower glass doors are a great feature to add to enhance the appearance of your bath.

    In addition to improving appearance, it also reduces the burden of maintaining your bathroom. Due to the trackless design, these shower doors are easier to clean. Simply wiping down the glass makes the mirror look as good as new.

    Plus, with these frameless doors, you can show off the fixtures, faucets, and shower heads to your guests! Since the glass has an invisible appearance, it creates a sweeping look and a flowing space which matches the bathroom design.

  • Safety

    The glass edges of these doors are filed down to form a smooth surface and are also made using tempered glass. This means that they are nearly impossible to break or shatter.

  • Makes the bathroom looks bigger

    Due to their transparency and openness, these frameless shower glass doors make the bathroom feel much bigger and more spacious than it really is. Because they are completely customizable, the mirrors can be designed for any bathroom size and style.

Looking for a Frameless Shower Glass Doors?

If you are interested in installing a durable and stylish frameless shower glass doors in your bathroom, consider working with nvision Glass. With over 35 years of experience in custom glasswork, nvision can design and install the door you are envisioning. Connect with us if you would like to get started designing the modern bathroom of your dreams. We also provide commercial glass services. If you have a business and are looking to upgrade your windows, install a curtain glass wall, or even upgrade your storefront glass, nvision can get it done!

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