Storefront Glass is Your Commercial Glass Solution

First impressions are important, especially when building connections and this is no different when potential customers view your storefront. As a business or storefront owner, you might be in search of an affordable, yet effective way to refresh your aging storefront glass. A large storefront glass is perhaps the most effective commercial glass solution. Here are several aspects of modern storefront glass that you may not have considered.

Storefront Glass


Architects and designers are incorporating greater amounts of modern building materials like aluminum and glass. These sleek, sophisticated materials lend an air of elegance and simplicity to your storefront. Clean lines, hard edges and crisp geometry are synonymous with what we consider modern and contemporary.

Material choice for your storefront glass also makes an impact when it comes to energy efficiency.  Energy-star rated glass is the better known choice when ensuring maximum performance and energy efficiency. For extra energy performance, insulated and tinted glass can afford added efficiency to keep things cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Durability and security may also be considerations. Often in those situations, Plexiglas is the most suitable option.

The material for the window frame depends on the building’s architecture as well as how the interior of your business is designed. Usually, frames are made using hybrid aluminum-PVC, vinyl, PVC, aluminum, and wood for the appearance and the added durability it provides.

Security Considerations

Commercial storefront glass is versatile – it can be configured to fit any desired opening or entrance from storefronts to back warehouses. Glass doors may also be fitted with  a myriad of security access options. Frameless glass doors are also available when design and cosmetic appeal are priorities. Commercial glass doors often come with any number of hardware, ranging from standard door handles and closers to fully automated closers, access controls, and custom handles. Special hardware is also available for high traffic entrances or where wind might be a factor.

Commercial storefront glass windows also come with a variety of security options ranging from window locks to alarms and secure glass. Plexiglas, as well as reinforced glass, both help to prevent glass panes from shattering.

About nvision Glass – Commercial Storefront Glass in Reno

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