Residential Glass

NvisionTM provides excellent quality products and service for your residential glass needs. Whether it is a window package for your new home or replacements for old glass, we have you covered. We also specialize in custom glass for residential projects including stairways, enclosures, railings and more.

Residential Glass

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How We Work

We work closely with you and any contractors or project managers you may have to bring your concept to reality. We work within your budget and offer advice and specifics about the best way to implement your ideas.

After we establish a plan we can begin implementing the products and working to ensure a seamless installation of your residential glass. Additionally, at the end of every project we will walk you through your home and show you how to properly take care of your new investment.

nvision Service

We offer award winning products and are the only company in Northern Nevada with local InstallationMasters™ certified installers. This allows us to offer the best installation warranty in the industry, 5 years – no questions.

We service what we sell. Should any future repairs be necessary, we also handle all product warranty issues in-house.

If you are worried that you might not be able to afford this type of home project and care, no problem. We offer financing that can get your job moving tomorrow! You can replace all of your windows for as low as $99 per month!


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What do you nvision in your dream home? Let our experienced team bring it to life with high quality products and seamless installation.

As a truly a truly signature glass shop, nvision Glass will take your inspiration and make it your reality. By partnering with nvision Glass, your project will be designed, engineered and installed by best in class professionals and your end product will stand out just as you envisioned.